OpenPPG on a trike

I am a light person. On a trike I could possibly carry 3 battery packs.I have looked, but found no comment on mounting an OpenPPG on a trike. Anybody have any ideas about this?

I want to do the same thing and have been told it’s possible.

My mistake in not looking through all forum topics before starting a new one. There are quite a few comments way down in the forum list of topics.

Be careful about the length of wire between the packs and the esc. There are details about “voltage sag” that you need to know it your going to have that much wire.

Vid with trike starting at apprx @0:35

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Those are Fresh Breeze Flypod trikes, heaviest trike in the market. Not worth the money…

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I agree, they’re certainly not light :grimacing:
We’ll probably revisit the trike with the SP140. I’d love to use it for tandems

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Yes, mild steel is heavy to build with – maybe they could have gone with a thinner wall tube - but the nice thing about it is the give it has for those not so soft landings. :rofl:

Sweet :heart_eyes:

can you design it so I can print it on my Creality Ender3 :crazy_face: