OpenPPG Merchandise

Has there been any thoughts towards merchandise - I would love to sport a OpenPPG Tshirt or hoodies. Maybe the numbers are not there yet for to make that ? If your only going to sell 15 shirts then no point. Or maybe look at it as a point of advertisement and a free small car decal/bumper sticker in each kit to promote. I know i would not mind putting one on my car or my small camper I am building this winter for flying adventures.

Cheers, Patrick

I’m going to vlog the heck out of mine when I get one from batch 4. Have decent following with my aerial surveying blog with pipistrel plane. I second that for advertising. Maybe I’ll have some time this winter to work on a T-shirt and sticker design.

Thanks for your input, we actually do have some things in the pipeline including some exclusive merch for early purchasers/supporters.
Stay tuned for more details!


Also since we’re always looking for feedback, let us know if you have any specific items that you would love to see in the store and we’ll see what we can make happen.

I love a good hoodie for those cool mornings and wear t-shirts most of the year. Right now I sport my UPAC T’s during the summer to promote flying
As for the logo - it definitely has to sport the 4 props, show that it is about paramotoring, electric, Opensource(thats in the name) - putting that all together to look cool is the hard part and beyond my nail hammering skill set! But something popped into my head while thinking of my UPAC shirts.
instead of a Feather wing - use a parawing , a prop in each corner and strings coming down to carry a battery instead of a pilot that says OpenPPG on it - how to make that look good is above my pay-grade.

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Need some nice big OpenPPG Decals
I just purchased my brothers Boler camper and I want to advertise OpenPPG as I am driving with camper.