OpenPPG Funnies!

I was working in the garage/shop on my OpenPPG “batch-2”, widening the blade openings on the carbon plates. Dremel in hand, safety glasses on, dust mask, gloves, when a guy showed up at the end of the driveway riding an electric ONEWHEEL board. Outfitted with a company uniform, clean shaved, very official looking with a white union helmet, an iPad in hand and a few flyers. He looked like as if in a TV commercial. I removed my dust mask, and he asked if I was interested by his company’s exterminating services. While handing me his business card he saw the Open PPG behind me, and all of a sudden his eyeballs turned saucer-like, a “Wow!” escaped from his mouth, and he asked “Is it what I think it is?!”… I replied " What do you think it is what it is?", he replied “A jet pack!”. I couldn’t help but crack a loud laugh, he was close enough to the truth😄
I explained what the Flash Gordon contraption was all about

and he became really excited with the idea of flying around with a backpack-like machine. I gave him one of the latest USHPA mags, a school biz card. He stepped on his electric wheel and sped away shouting “I will contact you soon!” before vanishing around the bend. I think a snagged a potential new student for myself😂