Openppg 4 motors infos

Paul, could you indicate
a) Kv of the 4 motors (I suppose between 150 and 200 rpm/V)
b) Weight of one motor (i suppose between 1000 and 1500 g)
c) Rm (ohm) phase-phase resistance
d) Io no load under 24V and under 48V
e) configuration (nuts/coils ; number of poles)

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The motors currently being used are Mad Components M10 180kv.

These are a custom wind to meet the 180kv spec. We do not have the specifications for the 180kv variant.

The 180kv specification was to make them more suitable for 22" props.

We do have the specs for the 90kv and 100kv variants, which some are the same for the 180kv variant.

a) 180kv
b) 500g
c) unknown for this variant
d) unknown for this variant
e) 36N30P

That is all we have for the time being

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on some specs weight is indicated 600 g