Open Source License Type

I’m hoping to get an understanding of the open source approach in general here. On Github I see various projects as one might expect, for both hardware and software. I see recent activity on software, but the hardware (frame, etc) seems stale and outdated. I also see no license files.

Two questions this raised was:

  1. Isn’t the hardware also open? If so, why out of date? Are updates not committed realtime?
  2. What is the licensing? GPL? MIT? BSD? TAPR? CERN? Other?

I’m hoping to understand the limitations, if any, and expectations of the openess of the project. Also curious how I would be able to contribute, for example, help with some CAD tweaks. Or, is that a non-goal? (which if so, the “open” concept is even more confusing here).

Any insight on this would be great, thanks!

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When EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider went open source, complete set of plans, videos, pdf files and much more were available for free.
People can study and suggest and improvements.
Brain Carpenter also supply any parts as required.
Their system should also work here for the benefit of everyone involved.