Open PPG SP140 in the Netherlands

very satisfied with the SP140, I also made a transport box for it so that you do not have to pick it up from the ground, flew 6 x 30 minutes. Only the flight time is a bit disappointing if you are used to flying for more than an hour and because of my weight glider ratio does not exceed 30 minutes.
extra set off prop and 1 set off struts.
no waiting time, pick up and fly immediately
did pay nearly €9000 now €7000,-


Nice box
Yes – all electric fight times are disappointing when one is use to longer and will remain so until we get better batteries, another 5 years IMHO.


It is heavily glider dependent. All my flights are easily 45min plus. I would look at more efficient glider its makes a big difference.

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Hello Paul, what glider you recommend to longer and safe flying? Reflex or non reflex and higger class, like B? Im 187 lbs


Ive seen good flight times with something like the Kona (Kona 2 | Ozone Paramotor)

I personally fly the Spyder and am usually getting at least 45 mins as well. My weight is the same as you @Producer

160lbs with Ozone Spyder 3 26m

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thank you for your response and I can also imagine that when I see your photo, but I had that weight you indicated when I was 17 and I am now 63 and I am 1.9 m but with 115 kg so 253 lbs clean on the hook, so almost 100 lbs more, I would have to fly with 31 m2 instead of the 26 m2 of my nucleon xx which I enjoy flying with.
Could also try my 38m2 Dudek Cabrio solo, but it must be very quiet in the air. :pleading_face: :crazy_face:
But my decision to sell is unfortunately made, I think it’s a nice engine with more than enough power and pleasant to fly, but I fly to relax and that battery stress is not for me, if portable batteries come where a 2 hour fly time I will definitely come back,

Shoot, I wish I could get 45 minutes of flight time. I’m 210# flying a 2018 Ozone Spyder 28m AUW 295#/137kg. And still only getting 30-35 minutes. My LZ is 2800’ MSL so that’s probably hurting my flight times as well.

I just bought the wing last November used so I’ll have to live with the older wing’s inefficiency for a couple of years and then look for a good XC wing.


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