One Slower Motor

I had an ESC die during a flight recently. Just after takeoff I was a full throttle and I heard and felt one shut off. I thought I had lost a prop. I was able to fly fine with three motors to get back to my LZ. I was running 6 batteries and installed the extra capacitors from Paul B & Braedin B (GliderPilot & Glydrfreak) Flights & Build Modifications (before I started running 6 batteries).

I replaced that ESC with an identical one from OpenPPG (thanks @Pdwhite) and now that motor spins slower than the other 3. Obviously I can only tell at low speeds, but at the lowest throttle that motor does not even spin.

Do the ESC’s have a throttle profile that needs to be programmed? I know @GliderPilot has replaced his ESC’s before, any idea?


I’ve replaced a couple but never had to calibrate the throttle but it sounds like that’s what you need to do. You need to power the controller with a USB so that you can arm it before the ESCs have power. Hold full throttle and continue to hold while you turn on the unit to power the ESCs. After you hear two beeps release the throttle. This will teach all 4 ESCs the throttle range. The props shouldn’t turn while performing this but I would remove them to be safe.

Note: if you wait too long and hear 3 beeps or 4 beeps wait till you hear 2 beeps again to release the throttle. 3 is DEO (Drive Efficiency Optimization) on and 4 is DEO off. I assume the default is DEO on but it wouldn’t hurt to set that to on as well by repeating what I explained above but release after 3 beeps.


This worked perfectly! All ESC’s now spin the motors at the same speed.