Not OpenPGG but electric nevertheless

Towing my students with my electric winches while waiting for the weather to improve and use the SP again.


Nice! Is it a home made winch? Can you share info on it? Are you using the sp140 batteries to power it?

I had built one before but this one was built for my school by eWinch in Florida they make them custom. I modified mine afterwards to be able to use it on the beach as well.

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Do you use the SP140 batteries or the standard e-winch batteries? Probably my next flying toy purchase will be an E-winch.

Thanks for keeping safety first. Many hazards in anything new. Training in its use is always recommended. I’ve towed every variety possible in hangliders and paragliders. I’ll refer to it as an adult toy from now on!!

Excellent! Yes, once under control, it is a good option to use to get off the ground.