Non Planar 3d Printing for the Throttle

I saw this feature was added to Slic3r and think it could be useful for printing the throttle.

I might give it a go at some point soon and report the results.

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after I read your post, I was proposed a video on youtube on the exact same topic.

Maybe of interest to some of you:

I like that idea but the poor print quality of the throttle is a result of using support material and having the outside surface down. If the outside surface was up then the inside would have the same issue and the components wouldn’t fit together as nice but the outside would look a lot better. I just sanded the outside and made it look really good.

The outside handle toplogy is a prime example to use this new feature on. Ill have to slice it to be sure the inside works as well but i believe it will since this new tech only happens for the layers it impacts.