No hinge design

I noticed the hinges are not for sale on the website. I like the folding design but was wondering if anyone has thought about a non hinged/folding unit? It would simplify the design and cut a major cost out.

The ability to fold down is why I bought the openppg. No need for a massive truck or trailer to move it. I can travel in a sedan with the openppg packed with my wife and two kids and still have room to spare. That would be an awful change to implement in my opinion. It’s not worth the $100 to even consider removing the hinges.

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But the hinges arent available for purchase are they? So if you dont have the ability to make them and you have a truck and don’t really care if its foldable or not then this option would be the way to go and save cost.

How much do you think you will save? You could save the money by driving a car instead of a truck. That is the beauty of the openppg foldable design. You’ll still need some sort of solid connector then to connect the arms to the body, that might cost more then the hinges cost. I highly doubt they will save you any money. Again save the money and planet and drive a car if you can.

Btw if you need replacement hinges just let me or @Pdwhite know.

Here’s the machine folded inside my backpack and ready to hike the woods with to my launching spot. No can do with a non-folding design :wink:


@Voltair Do you have a link to where I can buy this backpack? Thanks!

Any PG backpack will do if large enough. Make sure to protect its fabric by inserting a small piece of foam where the carbon fiber sharp edges touch the fiber. I also placed a piece of rubber mat the bottom