Newbie Question - Paragliding training before paramotor?

I have been watching paramotors for MONTHS now on YouTube. I travel a lot for work so I watch from the airport and admire the views. I love the idea of flying and seeing things from a new perspective as all I get is a small window in a plane a few times a week.

So I am youngish (27) and I have a wife. I want to do this but I really want to be as safe as possible. I found a paragliding school in TN close to Chattanooga (across the state but not too far).

Is there some benefit in learning paragliding then going to paramotoring. To me it would make sense to understand how to maneuver a wing properly and have your basic skills as polished as possible. I would like to hear from some people though as this sport isn’t exactly cheap and I’m not exactly rich.

I can only recommend it.

I did the same thing: first two weeks learning to paraglide (in the Austrian Alps)
then about a month later I booked another course to learn paramotoring. It took another week, done.

The learning really begins however, when you get out of school and start do do it on your own.
but the school gives you a very good basis to start from.

Good luck!

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I also learned paragliding first and actually a prefer it, but I live in a location that necessitates a paramotor if I want to fly locally. With that being said, I do think it makes for a nice transition to go from free flight to motored and it may give you the chance to learn from two different instructors which can be nice.

I would dare to say that paraglider training is more relevant then PPG – once you master the wing with paraglider training you are then just going to get use to having the motor push you!

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Does anyone know if you can get a US paraglider rating as a Canadian and use that license in Canada? My brother would like to know as it is half the cost in the US.

According to the Canadian website HAGAR
Any free flight (btw “hang glider” refers to rigid wings and paragliders as well) pilot flying in class B, C, D and/or E airspace or applying for an Advanced rating must write the HAGAR examination.

So stay out of any regulated air space and you dont need to get any cert in Canada!

Hi Sirhoover,

I have been teaching PG and PPG for over 20 years, and the PPG part always comes second. My students must be at the USHPA P2 (Novice) level (5 days training) before the 3 day PPG course begins to reach the USPPA PPG1 (Beginner). Have a great day!

Hi Voltaire,
Although I have many hours in a Buckeye powered parachute I would like to train and experience a ppg. Is there anywhere good to train in Florida? Where might I look to find a good school. We will also be heading for an extended stay in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico soon if there are any schools near there.
Best Karma,

Hi Nemo,

Paratour in Florida is a good place where to learn with Eric Dufour and wife Elisabeth. He was one of the early PPG pilots as I was in the US. I can not advise you on a school in Mexico, sorry.