New Wing From Dudek looks like a great wing for paramotoring single skin

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hi, i flew the v king 2 weeks ago with my e-ppg. in 1-2 weeks there is a small report on my fb page. but already I can say: it is a completely separate wing class. you can not compare the wing with classic wing in any case. especially when it comes to the power requirements of the e-ppg. simply explained: if you want to fly with little power with the e-ppg and the simplest handling at startup, EN-B hybrid wings are perfect. nova ion, nova mentor, advance epsilon 8/9, bgd wasp or echo, ozone kona etc. all the wings are also flown on the mountain. Singleskins wings are easy to start. but in flight, of course, have significantly less gliding performance or more self-sinking at significantly less top speed against the wind. therefore I do not compare the two systems. dudek did a great job with her singleskin!

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Easy wings from Ozone/ Spark2/ Mojo PWR/ Kona2/

Dangers of too much brake while flying and stalling the wing and falling to the ground
must see video to watch

scotty: you are a paramotor Pilot with Long year- skills in all pg and ppg wings?

Paraglider pilot for 10yrs I think every new paramotor pilot should be aware of this hazard


The internet hasn’t made people smarter. Just more gullible.

The replies praising this video is proof there isn’t enough chlorine in the gene pool.

it is different around the world. There are countries where you just fly without any training. therefore videos are good as help. Here in Austria you have to do basic training on the mountain. then another 40 flights on the mountain with maneuvers such as b-stall etc, spiral big ears, etc. then only one may make the B exam for flights xc. then later you have to do the additional training with the engine and the exam. has worked well. I myself did it this way: I taught myself to fly with the motor myself. I’ve watched all the accident videos on the internet with motor. So I knew what I should do in any case. But in order to be able to fly legally, I then did the complete training on the mountain and all the licenses. Of course that was very easy for me. today I would not start alone anymore. but start with the flight school.

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