New to PPG not to "MAKING" Where should I start

I just got my PPG 1 training done. Looking for a really light paramotor for my first foot launch cause i have a bad back. I will trike launch as well. I found this community and I’ve been looking around. I have a ton of questions…

Where should I start?

  1. Are all the files on GitHub kept up to date to the latest version? It they appeared to have been posted 2 years ago but it seems there are much newer designs/batches.

  2. I have some ideas I’d like to try/ contribute to the community. I’m have a lot of experience in old school mold making and casting and I have an idea for a carbon fiber frame that would be cast rather than cut and assembled - possibly at a lower cost. where might I share this?

  3. I am in Ohio, and would like to offer my assistance making stuff, if needed. Did I read the main author is in Ohio?

  4. I have a Glowforge laser which can’t cut carbon fiber but can cut Derlin panels. I heard derlin is very strong and durable, I wonder if that might be strong enough to use instead of CF so that I might be able to use my home laser for some frame work.

I have a bunch of other questions. Hoping someone might take me under their wing. (lolz)


Heavy (Mike M.)

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Hey Mike!

Welcome and thanks for joining the community.

Some files on Github for the frame are not the latest but you can reach out to @Pdwhite if you need to get the most recent specific files.
The firmware is all up to date for both the hub and the controller PCBs.

The best place to share updates is to start by making a post here on the community forum!

And yeah Paul and I are in Ohio.

I’m currently bunkered down in Cleveland :slight_smile:

Sweet, I’m in Cleaveland too, Lakewood.

Bored out of my mind, lol. Let me know if there is something I can do to help with the project. My fiance and I just got out of PPG training in Florida.

Specifically, if you are unfamiliar with smooth-on products they have a whole line of high performance cast-able plastics which could yield perfect parts much stronger than 3D printed equivalent and possible cheaper.

As I said I have worked with this stuff quite a bit, would love to donate my expertise if it means making some paramotor friends.

Thanks for the response.

Embarrassed to say I cant figure out how to send a message on the site, if I want to reach out to @Pdwhite.

I see, I was too new and that wasn’t enabled yet? Ha Ha.