New to Dudek harnesses

Does anyone know what exactly this strap is for, it just runs through the shoulder buckle and doesn’t attach to anything?


Does the strap attach to the frame here?

@MikeD Attach it on the front vertical bar, just below the horizontal bar. There is also another small loop strap on the back of the harness that needed to be hooked up on mine.

Also, I believe the strap that runs to the bottom is supposed to go thru the loop of the strap on the back of the harness. I learned that last year when I didn’t have mine running thru the loop on my Maverick and the strap kept hitting the exhaust and melting.

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More from the support section…I had wondered as well.:+1:

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Thanks for the heads up on the strap attachment location, I gave it a try like you said and it works out perfectly. It certainly does help to keep the frame bottom section closer to the harness. I too had to attach one of the lower harness back straps to the same vertical.

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Thanks for the link to the picture, I got her hooked up and the strap tail is doubled back through the buckle so it won’t come loose or come anywhere near the prop.

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Just got mine. It had me foxed. Thanks for the pictures.

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