New mods audio jack bus bars and plug support

If you want to use an audio jack as a bus bar I made 2 3d printed parts for that. I also made a plug support to relieve stress off of the control board wire plugs. This could easily be modified to make a full enclosure if you wanted to, however I didn’t see the need for the extra weight. The plug support still allows for battery tie downs in the form of nylon straps.

I ordered extra tall audio jacks but ended up not needing the height so I hacksawed the top off. I only used epoxy on the bottom holder. Gold filament was just the test fit, I recommend not using anything with sparkles that are possibly metallic and will conduct electricity.
bottom piece audio jack holder gcode link

top piece audio jack holder gcode link

plug support gcode link

3ds max file link for all the files and a couple gopro mount options. One for walking sticks and another for helmet mount

complete picture to show my bus bar audio jack placement.

It took 2 days of trial and error to design the plug support.
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