New Jet Pack 2019

new Jet pack

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WTF!!! Does it have after-burner?

Nope, Show smoke.

I found this German website selling lots of different types of jet turbines:

They guzzle a lot (0.5L/min average per turbine), and need maintenance every 25 hours.

Sheesh! Maybe a turboprop for our application.

I once saw the Doodlebug (an early and brilliant foot launched powered hang glider, Flylight are still going and make LSA planes down to nanolights) that Stuart Bond and Ben Ashman had converted to a jet turbine. The noise was awesome, sounded like an F-111 fighter! Stuart took off like a rocket, powered around the sky then 7 minutes later… utter silence. Down to a dead stick landing. I chatted with him later and was told the 7 minute limit was because that was all the fuel they could carry :laughing:


forget about the wing just add motors

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