New Frame PCB aka the hub

We recently got the some of the completed PCBs in for batch 4 and I wanted to show off the new hub.

As a reminder here are a few of the main functions that this new board will handle.

  • Communication with the ESCs – This now includes handling the ESC telemetry to get data back for things like current measurements, RPM and more.
  • Updated digital communication with the controller. The controller is very similar to batch 3 (will share pics when it arrives) but now supports bi-directional communication with the hub. This is how we will send data about what the current throttle is at as well as getting back current and voltage data for the screen.
  • Black box data logging - you’ll notice the microSD card (comes with each order) which will log data from each motor during your flights to help graph out your flying as well as help us debug potential issues. Data is saved as a simple CSV for reading in Excel etc.
    The microSD card will also serve as an easy way to update the firmware when we release new features in the future. No more messing with drivers and USB, just paste the file on the card and it will update when powered up.

There’s lots more to share down the road but hope you enjoy the quick update!


Nice work! Does the board boot off the microsd or just flash itself from it?

The microSD is not required. It flashes itself.
PS welcome to the community!

Ah right on! With the .csv format we could setup a google spreadsheet where members could upload data into a sheet and graph, etc.

Thanks for the welcome. Big fan of your style and approach.

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Wow. Pretty slick. Over the air updates for V5? This is quickly becoming the “Tesla” of Paramotors! :smiley: The original standard to which any other battery electric paramotors are compared.


When you are ready, I’d love to order one for my 3.2! :slight_smile: