New Forum in Germany

hello people, some of you may have already read it. A forum is currently being created in German about ultralight electric flight for all classes up to 120 kg. Of course, anyone who is interested can register and read along via translater. our goal is to give all electric pilots the opportunity to present projects. an appointment calendar and links to manufacturers should be included. what we do not accept are anonymous members and also no discussions with colleagues from the gasoline engine sector (the classic "I have a moster 185 and it runs longer than electric …) the forum will go online in about 2 weeks :slight_smile:


Looking forward to reading that. I have a batch 2 sp140 in order. I am also trying to learn the Deutsch Sprachen, so this should help me along. Cheers.

hello, the forum is already online. First of all, we would like active pilots who are already flying eppg to register and present their projects in a dedicated area. Not everything works yet, so we’d like to start slowly with just a few members. if you want, you can send me a pn, i will then send the address to it. for all others, registration is possible in approx. 2 weeks. the language is german in this forum.

Hi there,

the forum is still under construction and needs some adjustments.
Michael is working hard on it.
Some contributions are already available.

Registration is now possible.


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