New battery tech

This would be amazing. 10x energy density.


Now operate a much lower then 150 degrees — what is much lower??
Love the idea - this would be 2 bonka size now one hr of flight,awesome!
5yrs out I would guess.

This link was also at the end of the article saying they are developing to work optimally at room temps so 21°C? I’m guessing most batteries work best at this temp. Will be amazing flight times if this happens!

cell cycled at room temperature. Fluoride ion–mediated electrochemistry offers a pathway toward developing capacities beyond that of lithium ion technology.

When they use words l pathway – usually means it will be a while before we see something. Does room temperature mean not going to be a good small battery application because you have to have an bulky active temperature management system?


Always just a few years away… Though this company claims to have their battery in commercial pilot project use right now

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I think this graph says it all as to why Li-Ion will be around for a while.

Full article:

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Fire safe - 4 times the capacity - apprx 55,000 full depth of discharge cycles
F me, that sounds great, sigh me up !!!


Maybe Aluminum Air batteries will be the thing!

“Gasoline has an energy density of 1,700 Wh/kg, while an aluminum-air flow battery exhibits a much higher energy densities of 2,500 Wh/kg with its replaceable electrolyte and aluminum,” professor Jaephil Cho said in a statement. “This means, with one kg of aluminum, we can build a battery that enables an electric car to run up to 700 km.”

2 Likes is next week. Maybe we’ll hear some breaking news about battery tech.

Sounds like a gathering for Batman fans :rofl:


LCB batteries already demonstrate a big improvement for battery safety. Now we just have to wait for more energy density (not sure about price).

Also nice is the bipolar technology that allows internal stacking of cells. Imagine, single 60v cells … not sure if these would still require external voltage management.

A great video on current/future batteries and what goes in to developing a new battery.

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I had this company email me about their version of Lithium Titanate batteries, so I looked into them

Lithium Titanate batteries –test vid – proving to be very safe, but energy density at 160wh/kg is low - but for those that are paranoid about burning to death while flying such batteries may be the solution :smile: - sorry I should not joke about death, serious now :expressionless:

With a higher charge rate of 6min (one cell) - gets you back up fast.
Probably ok if you wanted to do a bat for ta trike and recharge quick and take off again or if your wanting to do a solar install.

Has anyone looked at the idea of using supercapacitors either in place of or in conjunction with batteries?

Found this video to be very interesting

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