New Battery Tec?

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Could this be the breakthrough we are waiting for?

3 Times capacity - I would have been happy with twice
1200 cycles – this is getting up there with Lifepo4 at 1500-2000 vs current 300-500
charges in minutes vs hours – Sweet, pack on the ground charging while you fly, but with a 3 times capacity if you have 4 Bonka size batteries that will be an hour or more of flight if we are averaging 20min now.
If he and his team pulls it off they should get a Nobel prize.



It’s been two years since that article… the world is waiting


I have no doubt this will happen. Every new electric car on the road reduces battery costs and provides more money to companies to invest in the new battery we are all waiting for that will take us beyond what gas machines can do.


I have no doubt it will happen either… the question is when. Nobody knows - but we’re all hoping soon!! :slight_smile: