New battery available

Some new batteries they are claiming 2.7 times more energy density but no prices or weight?

I could be wrong, but to me it looks like they are using the same battery chemistries that everyone else uses. Instead, it appears like they specialize in shaping the battery packs to fill in the available space better. Because of this I don’t believe that this could really help the e-ppg industry where weight is the current limit.

Sept 22 is battery day for tesla. When they unveil their newest battery technology and current production batteries. May beat samsungs 900w/liter batteries

I could be wrong but I think Tesla is already long past anything that samsung has for the 21700 cell in the 10-15 amp range. Supposedly their cells are almost 375w/kg where Samsung is at around 300w/kg.

Musk has stated that the hard part isn’t inventing something it is producing it. In lab samsung has telsa beat. In production telsa has them beat. More i research, looks like body production is going to overshadow batteries on battery day. There is a rumor of changing cell design

In case anyone is interested:

Looks promising.
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My bet is the advances are in battery cycle life, general robustness and safety as well as production advances making them cheaper. We won’t see a leap in specific density.

I’d like to be wrong.

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