New battery advances



If I had a dollar for every battery advancement promise…I am just kidding. Hopefully one of these days it makes it to large scale production.


So many companies now looking for the Holy Grail of battery – they know it will be a trillion + dollar formula.
Fingers crossed for sooner rather then later.


Here is another one that looks promising but we shall see. I first saw them on a Nova program on PBS. Not only cheaper and lighter but extremely safe!


They must be doing something right to get 65 big ones backing
I know I will feel better if I have these batteries and someone is shooting at me:rofl:
Cheers, Patrick


Here’s a few of the lead new battery tech contenders:

TLDR: It’ll be at least 2-3 years before anything really significant is available commercially.

Until then we’ll have to make due with our 40 min fight time :wink:




They have a nerve stating “Holy Grail”
They wont state how many cycles their bats will do, more than 50 and still 3 hrs to charge
Just another company getting some press to get more funding
I know a better battery is around the corner - it just aint today :wink:


New article - lots of numbers, some poor ones as well, only 300 cycles??
Solid Power raises $20 million
Cheers, Patrick


“At 300 watt-hours per kg (Wh/kg) it beats the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries, which come in at less than 250 Wh/kg. But the battery only functions properly at temperatures above room temperature and up to 150°C (300°F).”

Won’t work for us with this temp requirement. Anyway, this is at least few years away from hitting the market.



Looks interesting! I like the case and the built in fan. I sent inquiry to them for what it would cost and if it could handle 300amps.