New 500Wh/kg "condensed battery" announced from CATL

Electrek article about new 500Wh/kg “condensed battery” from CATL, targeting “passenger aircraft”.
They claim that CATL can achieve mass production of condensed battery in a short period of time.

I just learned that CATL is market leader in China (and globally)

image from CATL dominates China EV battery market with 52.1% share in 2021 - CnEVPost

Heard about those. Hopefully the cycle life/cost is in line as well. If they’re looking at aviation then the power density is probably enough. 500wh/kg is over double the Bonka LiPos. Even at the pack level it’s probably still over 400wh/kg

This was an exciting announcement, CATL is the world leader in lithium batteries, and by a large margin. The Chinese companies typically under-promise and over-deliver, so if they say it’s going into mass production soon, then it’s legit.
What’s more exciting is they will start producing these for EV’s first, which will give them economies of scale and help lower costs.
Realistically, I wouldn’t except these cells to be accessible in the next year or two, everyone is so focused on LFP’s that have lower capacity but cheaper and safer.
But by 2030, it’s realistic to have cells with two to three times current capacity. Think about having a 2-hour battery at 30lbs instead of 40lbs, that is where we will be.

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Hope i’m still flying in 7 or 8 years. Getting on. :older_man:

The 1st company to get the big aviation contracts is huge money so they are working feverishly and so think we will see these cells being mass produce in 3yrs or less. As for cost and availability to the little folk like us?