New 22x12 prop pair (CW,CCW) for sale

A pair of 22x12 replacement props (DFDL wooden) if anyone is interested, $37 plus shipping.

I’ll buy. Aren’t those the higher pitched prop for more thrust?

Yes, they are the higher pitched props (22x12 vs the original 22x10).
It’s an extra pair I don’t need (btw, just to make sure it’s only 1 pair! so you would need another pair to replace all 4 props). Message me your address if still interested and I can ship them to you.

Oh no thank you.! I would need both pairs. If your using them you might want to keep them. The props are fragile

Yes they do break, I switched back to the original 22x10. Thought someone who is using 22x12 props might want them for replacement or extra.

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