Net clips hooking points


GliderPilot made an improvement to anchor the net. I was going to do the same thing but did not have the eyebolts to do it so I took the easy way out and connected the clips to the base of the frame. I had to move the red cord knots lower to better distribute the net tension accordingly. It actually brings less red cord tension where it contacts the CF edges which are pretty sharp - I rounded mines with a soft abrasive pad. The net base looks better too;-)

Note: One of the net knots connected to the red cord became undone and had to knot it back - easy fix.


I originally hooked mine there too but worried that if the rope managed to get loose the hook could disconnect and get caught in the prop. I prefer to have the retention clip able to close.


I finally drove to the hardware store and grabbed two 99ct eyebolts and went GliderPilot’s way - perfect! I left the excess thread which could be used for something else to hook onto maybe in the future - always good to have extra latching points;-)