Need measurement of width between bottom L brackets!


Hi Everyone,
I’m having a trike (can’t foot launch because of my knees) fitted to the new batch 3 ePPG. I need to know the width between the bottom two main “L” brackets (the ones you stand up the unit on). Does anyone happen to know that number??



Might be worth opening the CAD files in Sketchup or something similar.
The legs are not parallel but mine measure outside to outside

Front: 307
Back: 330
Leg width 26

Hope that helps


Thanks! Is that in mm? So the front being closest to the pilot and the back closest to the hoop? Leg width being the actual width of the leg material? Do you know where I could get the CAD files?



Yup, all in mm
Front and back were a terrible way to describe the measurements. Front was relative to where I was standing while taking the measurements.

So lets just try again.
Where the hoop connects measured 307mm. I guess you would say this was the back :stuck_out_tongue:

The 3D files are all in github