My upgrades so far

Just received two additional Bonka with 8AWG wires - my previous set had 10AWG, and retrofitted them to the frame. Had to build a second battery quick-release system for 4 lipos. I will be able to choose between the two battery setup or four, depending on the type of flying I plan on doing that day - I do not care for the additional weigh (12 extra lbs. for two batteries). The 4 Bonka setup will do to cruise under power only when there is no ridge-lift. The 2 Bonka arrangement do the job and makes the entire machine a lot easier to walk with before taking off - it takes me about 30 seconds the get up there to the lift band before powering off.
Here are the modifications I have made so far to really custom fit the PPG to my needs.


Really outstanding mods.
I appreciate the effort that you have put into your EPPG.
I will be taking delivery soon and will be putting your mods on my unit.
Thx again,

I used the SUPAIR PPG harness because I have been wit the company since the beginning and always liked their products which I know up and down if you nee technical info about them some day. I made a few modifications on my own afterward.
As for the hoop stiffeners, it take a bit of work but it is worth the effort - you will understand the value of the modification when tightening the net, though Paul has new connectors which alleviate some of the problem.
Not seen on the photo are the few shots I uploaded for a different topic (you will have to look it up) - they will kind of explain how the stiffeners are made because they are not just pieces of bent aluminum with velcro around them. 3 holes have to be drilled into the stiffeners and with each hoop segment, so you will have to be pretty careful about it. Honestly, I eyeballed where I should drill the holes - they are all misaligned but it does not matter as long as the stiffeners holes match those on the hoop sections. It worked great at the end.

What are you using for a backpack to carry the motor and batteries? Does your wing also fit into the pack? I remember that you made the tubing bag but could not find the description of the backpack. I am looking for a backpack that will carry the motor and wing, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I had a backpack from one of my old discarded school wings, but just about any standard size backpack that would carry a wing and a full size harness with foam protector should do. I tried two different brands and they both worked. You will not be able to carry your wing in it. I carry mine like a shoulder bag with an ITV Quick-Pack