My third flight

A view from the ground. Edited a few clips taken by my ground crew:)
This was my third flight on the X4 and I was still hanging from the rear slots which is too far back. You can tell the climb rate isn’t good and I’m not really in the seat properly. I’m in the middle slots now and it’s much better but I still have to use one hand to push the seat down. This was just my 13th flight on any type of Paramotor though I have another couple dozen gliding flights. You can tell how low the wind was due to the delay between my cameraguy / groundcrew announcing a light gust and my inflation. and My landing approach wasn’t great. A bit cross and in the slight turbulence from the tree line.


a tip if you can’t slide well into the harness. thinly senses the harness with silicone spray. as you use it for the car, etc. there is also a food variant that is completely non-toxic in the house. I mostly use the dudek powerseat myself. I spray the silicone spray very briefly every 3 weeks. Inside videos about the nova speedmax 2 you can see how well it works. of course there are belts and other options, but the basis is good sliding on the seat.


Great flight! Thanks for posting!