My first paramotor flight - electric

This is my first flight with a paramotor, electric.
I was just about to leave for home again due to lack of wind, but felt I should go for a try. It was great! Had some lateral oscilations, don’t know the cause yet, and used the sistem to just about 40% even on take off…wasn’t sure it would be a flight or just training.
Details and credits at the end of the video.


Rolls: hard to say. You could do a test during your next flight - climb high enough in calm air - turn the motor off and see if your wing is still rolling. Do some research about your wing model using a motor to find out of other people have experienced the same problem.

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Congratulations on your first flight with your build. I had similar oscillating issues with my PG wing except not nearly as much, I corrected it by having the right riser half to one inch forward. Is your wing a PPG wing or PG wing and where are you on the wing loading?

Happy flying!


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Thank you! Will try motor off high altitude, stop oscilation, and see if it restarts with motor off. But I don’t think it’s the motor since I’ve experienced it once when flying pg on a hill with this wing, I remember that my instructor told me not to fly like a drunk man because it’s also ineficient :smile: but it just keep on oscilating untill I pulled both brakes some inches I think…on the net it is adviced hands up.
I’ve searched the web for reasons, don’t seem to be the case. For instance overweight, well the wing is pg 100kg and ppg 125kg certificated, my ppg take off is under 110kg.
I know how to actively corect it by pulling on the lowest tip with that side hand but would be nice not to have to but will experiment further…

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If that doesn’t work I’ll try MikeDs method :pray::+1: good to have options…

Heeey, yours went better than mine. I took mine for a first flight last night (only soloed once before, two years earlier) and managed to destroy the prop and hoop and my pride on landing. … and they no longer sell the v1.2 hoop anymore :frowning: