My first in-flight PPG video!

Got a GoPro for my birthday :smiley: Still pretty new at PPG (under 50 flights) but I’m a complete noob at video!

Blew the first launch sorry.

What a pretty landscape!
Which GoPro is that?

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Hero 7 Black. Sure better than trying to use my phone!

I can hear and feel the excitement :smiley:
Beautiful landscape!

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As someone still in the aspirational stage, I appreciate seeing the glitches too. Do you know what made the first launch fail?

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Yup. Brought my hands in and forward instead of keeping them high and out. You can see my hands coming into the camera’s view. This tends to pull the ends of the wing up more rather than the center first.
May have been a bit more of a slight gust on that second launch but mostly it was the hands.


It’s the Hero 7 black.