My first electric proto from 2014

The poor man’s way:
I used a hunting backpack frame from Amazon ($85.00)
I a few PVC pipes from the local hardware store
My girlfriend’s hula-hoop for the cage (I had to cut it to size, then I told her about it and got away with it after buying her a new one):scream::grin:
The idea was to overlap the PPG onto a PG harness.
The HACKER motor from Germany with the ESC was the expensive part of the machine. I actually flew it a few times. The PPG was a crude design but it worked. I only wished it had a bit more power. The idea was to catch dynamic ridge lift at my local site starting from the beach because there is no place at the top to layout a wing. I only needed to reach about 130’ from sea level to continue without the motor.
I had disabled two of the three settings on the server tester and only kept the manual mode.
The throttle was a server tester from Amazon ($14.00). I was powered by a pack of 4 AA rechargeable batteries to which I connected an adapter plug for a wall charger. I drilled two slots in the tester casing and pushed a velcro strip through them to make a loop for two fingers to hold it in the palm of my hand. It was actually pretty comfortable. I glued a section of a large elastic over the tester’s knob for a better thumb grip and it worked really well. One of the advantages was that I could dial the knob at any RPM and keep it there undisturbed. It was acting like a cruise-control setup. Accelerating or decelerating with thumb action was very smooth fast and precise.
Propeller from eBay ($35.00).
The final version of the motor holding surface was a vegetable white cutting board from ($35.00):laughing:
Note that there is no side arms as found on all PP frames. In any case, it does not beat the SP140 - it was built for a specific task and had to be super light.

The general idea:

The diagram:


Intriguing bit of history, though you neglected to mention how much that motor cost you 7-8 years ago, and how much for the batteries and what voltage they offered and how much duration of powered flight. It appeared that your prop was producing a respectable amount of thrust, though you didn’t mention how much. So it’s hard to compare it with its much more advanced offspring the SP140.

No clue. I do not know anything about numbers, sorry. My knowledge with electricity is lousy at best. I read what I can on the internet to help me designing things. I do not use CAD and only have hand tools in my shop to bring my ideas to life. I assembled a bunch of PPG prototypes in the past, gas mostly, and flew them. Based on what my lift was in specific weather conditions, site location, thrust (how fast I could get off the ground, climb or maintain altitude), time of the year and wing used I could tell what needed to be improved upon.

I tried various ideas😁
Batteries: Hobby King - cheap
The motor: they do not have the same model but an upgrade
That was the motor I used at the time

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Phil, elegantly simple design with off of the shelf parts for the throttle, etc. …especially the throttle…very clever. :+1: Bill