Motor Plate- what material?

Hi, can someone tell me please what material the motor plate is and how thick? It has to be one hell of material having a lot of holes but stil sustaining 90kg of force right in the center! I might have to build my own because I’ll be using the MAD 300A esc which is thicker (5cm instead of 3) that won’t fit between the engine and battery. So I’m thinking of mounting the motor directly on a plate that stays on the four 4 inch standofs and put the esc on one side. Bringing the motor 40mm closer might help with the angle in flight as I’m 150lbs, but will it bring the tips of the prop too close to the net? It seems prety far away from pictures. Another questin since I’ll have to buy the bolts, what grade are they including the ones in the gose neck arms, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9? Thank you very much!

for the last 20 eppg’s that i built i used most 8 mm gfk colored in black. this works even with motors up to 7 kg and a shaft power of around 18 kilowatts. for special light systems i used 6 mm carbon or 5 mm 7075 aluminum. all this has a very high proportion of additional strength. in my systems, all possible areas are milled out to increase the weight. partially not milled through but with gfk as an example only pocket millings with 5 mm depth at 8 mm plate thickness. for the motor screws i use normal 6.8 steel screws from 15 kilowatts (6-7 kilogram motors). 6mm for the standard or small motors up to 5 kg motor weight and up to 14 kilowatt shaft power I use titanium screws with 6 mm from the motorbike racing sector. The studs are turned from standard aluminum and have an inside diameter of 6.3 mm and an outside diameter of 15 mm. with the mad engine like the sp140 you can reach a maximum of 70 kg real thrust for a short time. therefore normal steel screws are sufficient.

Woow…20 eppg’s! :dizzy_face: how many lives have you had? Bravo man!!
Hours pass by sometimes before I come up with a simple sketch on paper…
I might have found a company near by that can cnc/laser/water jet/plasma cut aluminum like EN-AW 7075, AlZn5,5MgCu, 3.4365,. Does this sound like a good material choice to you for the motor plate of the MAD M50 34kv 4,2kg motor?
Should I go for 5-6mm and a similar shape like SP140 or let it be more filled up with material? Danke Schon!

What’s gfk? Material you used

gfk in german " means " glas fiber laminate "


Thanks. Didn’t even think of that.

Bratwurst do you have a link with aluminum sturds/standoffs. I only find with 10mm outside diameter and shorter than 100mm which is the lenght I need.

sorry i can’t help here. I’m a diy craftsman who makes everything possible myself. I can only recommend that if you are looking for perfect components and don’t have a lathe yourself, simply have the parts produced by online companies. there are now many companies in each country that specialize in small series and can deliver inexpensively.

Thanks. I’m thinking of making the motor plate from 6mm 7075 and the standoffs from normal alu bar of 20mm diameter, 100-130mm long (depending on prop clearence from the frame cage) and 120-150mm M8 bolts. Will this be to much/to heavy?