Motor failure in flight

Has anyone tested to see what happens if a motor fails under power? Would you get immediate riser twist, which could be dangerous, from the greater thrust from one side. Is there electronics to offset this?

We have tested this a few times its not enough to twist, also you can decrees throttle, and the likely hood of two motors to fail simultaneity and the exact opposite not is extremely unlikely. There are some other threads asking the same question ill try to find it.

heres the other thread Will motor failure cause serious yaw?

When I assembled my unit I got one of the props on backwards. Three pushing and one pulling. I went to full power and it wasn’t that bad.

We have also started looking at additional ways to detect motor failures to further improve pilot protection in all scenarios. Once the next batch is out we plan on spending some time doing R&D and this is on the list. Winter in Ohio is great for R&D :neutral_face:

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Same in NY.:roll_eyes:

Winter in Miami is perfect for flying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you mean you had one motor spin backwards? puting a prop on backward would still push. Putting the wrong prop on would mean you had two props on wrong.

Glider Pilot’s right. Fitting a prop backwards would still result in forward thrust, but the efficiency would be down to 70%-ish. So I guest what you felt Sim Loop is about a third of what a failure would be. Would that change your “not too bad” to “requires active pilot input but do-able” or “Oh F-c&!”?

Maybe backwards was the wrong word…flipped may be better. I had three props pushing and one pulling.

Paul_oz and I are both saying that if you flip a prop (like you would flip over a record) it will still push because the AOA is still the same. It’s like the letter Z where if you rotate it upside down you still have a Z. The airfoil shape is now upside down lowering your efficiency but the AOA is still the same and therefore is still pushing.

Last comment on this thread…we have two motors spinning clockwise and two spinning counter clockwise. You can get a prop on “the wrong way” and it will push in the opposite direction.

There are two ways to reverse the thrust:

  1. wire one motor to spin backward.
  2. put the wrong prop on.

If you swapped two props then you would have TWO that are wrong. Or if your kit came with 3 of one prop and one of the other that would do it. Or if you purchased an extra set of props you could put the wrong one on. But if you installed the correct props you can’t make ONLY ONE thrust the wrong way without wiring a motor to spin backwards. Flipping it like a record doesn’t reverse the thrust.

glider pilot and paul oz are right. if you flip one prop around like you would with a vinyl record, you have only less efficiency.

simloop, what you describe would require you to flip two props, then you’d have two props the wrong way, and not only one. :slight_smile: