Motor dust cover

Since I am keeping the whole thing in one piece on the rear rack, I made an easy to install/remove cover to prevent dust or whatnot from entering the motor while driving

Also make a buckle system removing the slack from the top of the shoulder straps. The harness is tighter against the frame - no sloshing around when walking/running.
No additional straps - easy to adjust with only one self-gripping buckle on each side (purchased on Amazon).


That cover is awesome. Needs a bright red “Remove before flight” tag maybe. Just for show.


Great. Are all parts from Amazon?

I actually had a pair in my shop but Amazon has similar ones

I used an old helmet bag to make the cover. Any rectangular piece of fabric would do. Felt is ok. As for the strap, it is an old PG wing cinch strap wrapped twice around. Takes one minute to complete the operation. You could find double sided velcro on Amazon - 2" wide would do. I just looked it up. Measure the motor circumference

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Having a motor cover is genius!


Soft fabric is best. Ideally, there should be 4 small vecros - one at each corner of the rectangular cover to help holding holding it in place while wrapping the 2" wide velcro strap because the cover will have the tendency to slip around the motor hub.
The fabric must be wide enough to cover the motor and tuck in between the hub and the prop and the other side. Start from the bottom and gather the four corners at the top where you would attach the four velcros together. It works without the four velcros as well - requires a bit more manipulation but no big deal.