More Throttle Ideas


I had some thoughts on the throttle, and while I realise that it’s now very late in the day to change things for the initial release, I wanted to share them to see what people think since there’s an engaged community here.

My thought has always been that my hands feel very full when I’m trying to organise myself for take-off, and that it would be really nice to get the throttle out of the way.

The Chameleon has a nice way of getting the box onto the back of the hand, but then gets in the way of your fingers for controlling the brakes.

My thought would be to have the “box” on the back of the hand, but the throttle controlled by the thumb, leaving the palm and fingers totally free for controlling the launch.

This is a nice small unit on the back of the hand, but still uses the fingers.

This is much better as it keeps the fingers free


I couldn’t see myself using one of those in the images you attached,
But it’s open source (Hopefully at release?) so you could always attach this throttle yourself I guess


Yeah I don’t actually like the look of either of those throttles, they were just examples.

I do like the idea of getting the hardware on the back of the hand though. I think it would make it way easier to manage everything on launch.


Hi, I always like it very much when people are thinking about building a good gas grip solution. I always build everything as I would like it.
there are also pictures here.

I would like to give a note that should be considered. Please make sure that the rescue parachute every time, even if you sit very diagonally in the harness can be triggered. I’ve built myself a bracket with which I can flash in a wild swing around with one-sided drop. I try to throw the rescue parachute properly. If all goes well, I like to fly with the throttle. There are some on the market with which you can hang on the trigger handle that I have found out with it. basically I fly with front container rescuer system so both hands are possible.

but it’s also about flying in the thermals. Of course, if you only fly in the evening or early in the morning under perfect conditions, you are less likely to endanger yourself.

who wants to see how the cameloen 2 of the handling works in youtube videos with “nova speedmax 2 electric paramotor” there you see many starts. It is also important for me to be able to act the risers perfectly. with the cameloan is very good if you wear thin gloves.