Molicel P45B- New battery cell!

It has been a little bit, but Molicel recently announced the P45B cell, the next Generation of the P42A li-ion cell that the SP140 currently uses.

The new Cell has 7-9% higher capacity(depending on who you ask), 22-33% lower internal resistance(depending on who tested it), faster charge times, less heat build up, and longer run time at all discharge levels than the older P42A. This will improve our flight times by about 5 minutes. This is the future :wink:


No leaps and bounds battery tech yet eh?
Still good news.

7% more capacity, if it maintains the same C rate, is a huge jump!

This cell was brought up and discussed here on the forum back in March.

New battery option: better power density! - #81 by kubark42.

Unfortunately, it has failed to materialize in actual production. I had heard an initial release date of July or August from the E-skate / DIY onewheel forums who are also interested in higher performance cells.
But August has came and went with no sellers carrying or able to order the cell.

I even called Li-Ion Wholsale and they said they are not able to order the cell from Molicel and they can get just about anything.

Alibaba appears to have some cells claiming to be P45B’s, for a whopping 11$ a cell!

The real advantage of this cell wasn’t it’s 7% more capacity which doesn’t translate to much increase realistic range. But the reduced cell impedance.

With these cells the 6P feather pack would really shine! You could use full power for longer and not overheat the pack. Less heat in the pack means more energy out of the motor. So the smaller packs would benefit the most for using this cell. A 4P Ultra-light feather pack could even be possible.

If anyone sees or hears of these cells for sale, message me or post a link here. I will totally buy some to make a pack and see if this is worth the hype.

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You have Samsung 50S they are 5Ah and 10.5mOhm.
While a Samsung 40T has 8,5mOhm
Dont know what Molicel has.