Modular Kit - Suggestion


As Paul has already published a price range for his kit,
I would like to bring up the idea of providing a sort of modular kit.

Instead of having only one kit that includes everything,
why not have it modular. Such as

  • Frame Only Kit Contains only the frame body parts, no electronics, no harness
  • Frame and Harness Kit
  • Basic Electronics contains the BMS, Flight Controller (Arduino?) and Throttle
  • Engine Kit contains Props, ESCs and Motors
  • Battery Light Kit contains X kw/h in Batteries
  • Battery Medium Kit contains X*2 kw/h in Batteries
  • Battery Power Kit contains X*4 kw/h in Batteries

This way everyone may decide what to go for, to keep costs down.

I could, for my part, use my harness from my gas-powered Paramotor, and I may want to buy some Batteries locally, to save on import duties and shipping cost.

Does that make sense?


Pretty sure this is the case from what I understood.
You can buy frame, Parts, harness, battery etc


I really like the modular route too. Possibly the frame could be sold as sub components as well. Say the central body including hinges, an arm, a leg, a cage quadrant. This would be helpful in that when someone breaks a bit… and they will, it’ll be easy to put in for spare parts. Also as Etienne said, some parts may be already to hand or be better sourced locally. Why ship a harness to the States and back to Italy if you’re a local? I already have a pile of batteries and a charger from my last build attempt, it would be nice if they don’t represent a waste of money. I plan to buy my parts so each package is under a grand… so’s the taxman doesn’t stiff me for import duty!


I think this makes it overly complicated. If you want something to be popular and work to a wider audience, it needs to be simplified as much as possible. Also the more similar designs out there, the more the feedback is accurate for all. If they are all different setups it’s harder to keep track.

Maybe just 2 or 3 kit options and then a full price list of individual parts for repairs and or skilled builders.

For me the attraction was an almost complete kit, less the batteries, I can get harnesses but if the APCO split leg is offered I would just buy it as part of the deal to keep it simple, knowing it fits already.


Me too…I love the APCO Slit-Leg as well.