Misaligned Motor Mount Plates

I’m curious as to whether anyone else received misaligned X4 motor mount plates in their June/July orders, or whether the plates were also missing the intended screw holes altogether.

I found that the two plates that screw hole alignment for the mount the motors to the swing arms were misaligned and the screws/posts that span/connect the two plates could not be positioned for all four holes… only two posts could be installed based on the hole alignment. Further, three of the plates didn’t even have the holes needed for putting screws through.

Am I the only one hit with this issue?

I’m concerned about drilling my own holes into the carbon plates due to the misalignment being only off by about 1/2 of the existing hole width. My concern is that all I’d be doing at that point is ‘enlarging’ the diameter of the existing hole and whether screw tightening/locking would subsequently be sufficient without causing additional damage over the long term.