Mejzlik Electric Carbon Props

Hey OpenPPGer’s,

In the RC community it’s well-knowns that Mejzlik produces some of the highest quality, highest thrust, LOWEST NOISE, carbon props on the market. They aren’t inexpensive, but I can tell you from experience they work as advertised, on model aircraft at least. They are offered in both left and right hand versions.

I’m wondering if anyone has tried these on their OpenPPG paramotors yet, and if so, what performance are you seeing?

I just ordered a full set and I’ll be happy to report back as the guinea pig if you give me a few weeks.


Thank you for doing this. I’ll looking foreword to hearing the results. Are you just going by feel or do you have some specific tests your going to run?

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Once I get it all setup I’ll see if there is an easy way for me to measure thrust - but that might need to be measured with a time to climb test.

Noise will be relatively easy to measure using a decibel meter app I have for my phone. I’ll run that test from a variety of locations.

Will be monitoring this thread…

Nice, I contacted them but they wouldn’t give a discount to test a set so I didn’t order. Another guy tried carbon props but could not keep them from spinning free. Mejzlik says they have soft wood washers to use in order to keep the prop from spinning on the shaft. Did you get them with your props?

Just an update on this thread.

The props I received are actually only one direction, so this solution will NOT work. The L version is not a CCW version but rather a stronger, lighter version of the standard Edition prop (overall better).

I have reached out Mejzlik and am discussing engineering costs for an EL CCW version of this prop.

This of course would require some investment from me in terms of engineering and molds, but they are willing and will cut me a break on those costs with a minimum order.

I plan to test noise and power with the standard wood props vs the Mejzlik carbon “equivalent” within two weeks. I will only be able to do this in one direction so I will not be able to report back on interference noise at the tips. I will report back the results, but I’m expecting a significant reduction in noise based on my experience with their products.

I am interested to know how many people would be interested in purchasing a full set (4 props, 2 CW, 2 CCW) if I go through with the design effort. I’ll need to place a 100 unit minimum order to substantiate the costs…so I’ll need around 50 OpenPPG’ers to commit.

As soon as I have results I’ll report back and formally solicit feedback and possibly pre-orders. Hope to do that within 2 weeks.



Last props I saw like these were for $100 a piece. I’m so down with these only being $62 I was gonna say sign me up even at a $100

If the price is $62 per prop I will order a set, also pending your findings if it is significantly quieter.

Oh I clicked the link they are $100 I’m still down.

I’m still down for $100, if they are quieter and if they don’t spin free. @liaviator did you get the wood spacer to keep the props locked on? Or what is your plan to keep them from spinning free?

I talked to someone once about the tread on my shoes getting too slippery (from high speed landings sliding on pavement) they said that when they used to wear heels they would put ductape on the bottom and over time the outside layer would rub off and the tacky-ness would last a while. I wonder if this might work.

That’s not a great solution to hold a prop on. Wouldn’t rely on that. Mejzlik did say that these wood washers worked well for customers. But I’m wondering if props would be too thick and not enough threads for the nut. I still think we need entirely new prop mounts to the motor so that we can have screw in points to lock composite props on like you would mount for any large drone.

Why don’t we just have alternate mounts. Could have a couple of different size and let us increase the prop size a few inches too.

I hope you have better luck than I did:

I don’t want to discourage you but I wrote about Carbon Props in the size and pitch thread…

“If you buy just carbon RC electric props you just changed the weight of the prop. Sure it will spool
faster up at acceleration because it is lighter but we don’t need this and it does not change thrust or
tip speed for noise reduction.”

Tip speed contributes to 90% of the noise.

Hope it will work out for you…


From what I’ve read it has a lot to do with the tip design of the prop. You need a swooped tip to kill the vortices created by the end of the prop therefore reducing the noise. I had version one of the DJI mavic as well as version 2. They changed the prop tip design, this reduced the sound immensely. You can hardly hear mavic 2 fly. The sound is much softer in general, not the high pitch that most drones have. The openppg demands swooped tips to reduce noise. This is the only way to make a noticeable difference as we cannot increase size of props.

@GliderPilot found some nice swooped tip props but we have no way to mount them.


They changed the chord lenght and the pitch, even the speed controller because they can
turn slower now -nothing to do with tip design! Marketing. Tip speed is the important part.

The studies I read are pretty clear that noticeable noise-reduction are only possible if your tip speed is
under 600 km/h…

You can’t change the tip speed with different tip design.

The low noise drone props are actually a good example how to lower tip speed.
If you change the diameter, the chord length and the pitch of the prop you will need
lower rpm and reduce tip speed and reduce noise with the same thrust. Should
even fly longer…


Great example. This is the type of prop we need for our openppg to reduce noise, increase efficiency, and strength compared to wood props. Lets try and get to this solution!

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Has anyone actually tried such modified tip props???