Max Weight Question

What is the maximum body weight for this system at this time?


Hi and Thanks for your interest.

You should direct this Question to the Group as a whole. I weigh 176 pounds and fly a 23 Universal. 4 Bonkas is getting me 12 to 16 min fly time. I have milked 23 min once. Try to find someone flying OpenPPG at your Weight and Canopy Size and Style.


@markmjones Curious shopper here. What are you seeing for flight times now? Any change? I’m 6’4 & 235lbs, and am quite worried about the power and flight time.

Steve M

I weigh the same, I average 15 min (5 min of reserve) on 4 and 25+ on 6 batteries.

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Thanks for the data point. I’ll be starting new to the sport this winter. Did you start with the OpenPPG, or did you come in experienced?

Steve M.

I was a P2, but self-taught ppg on OpenPPG.
I have since had instruction (very helpful) and am now a PPG2 also.

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