Max full power climb time?

What is the practical limit of full power usage? I’m using 6s Bonkas on a batch 4 with the 150kv motors. At full power on freshly charged batteries I’m seeing around 240amps on the controller. This means each battery is pushing 120amps or only about 6C. Per the spec on the Bonkas they should be able to do that continuous without breaking a sweat but what is the realistic limit? Do I have 10 minutes of climb?

How many Bonkas? Based on your amps per pack I assume you are using 4 total. I wouldn’t trust manufacturer specs at all. Measure the temperature of the packs after flying and make sure they stay below 60c. With those motors with only 6S you are probably fine to run full throttle till the batteries are depleted which might be close to 10 minutes. I never let my system voltage go below 42v (3.5 per cell) even with voltage sag. So when volts hit 42 under power (with voltage sag) just ease off the throttle a bit.

Pretty much what I’m doing. After landing the batteries are barely warmer than ambient. Yes, I’m running four batteries. Thinking of getting a set of eight 15,000mah batteries. Not sure I want to carry eight of the 22,000s.

Why not six 22,000’s. Fewer hookups for both flight and charging and shorter total wiring. A little more weight but also a little more capacity than eight 15,000’s. Plus you already have four so just add two more to what you got.

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Six batteries would require more wireing than eight. My harness is split into left and right switches (bridged). The setup is really optimized for four batteries. Going to four pairs would be easier. To bad nothing bigger than 22,000 is available.


I newer flew more than 30mins with my IC ppg…I also fly free …

That makes sense. Do you have additional capacitors on your ESCs? Just the length of the battery leads alone is enough to push the induction voltage spikes over the edge of what the ESCs internal capacitors can handle. It’s important to keep total wire length to a minimum. I cut down my battery leads in half and wired my machine to have as little wire as possible. When I converted to 6 batteries I rewired it in a way that it could easily accept 4 or 6 packs. I’ve posted all the details on this forum if you’re interested.

Thank you Paul. Reduced wire length is one reason I went to the dual switch layout. The main leads from the switch to the battery leads is a couple inches. I didn’t cut the battery leads themselves but I might yet. Switch to esc is also pretty short with a switch on each side.

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