Main Board fried :( Warranty?

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After a couple dozen flights my DC-DC converter apparently quit converting which fried chips on the main board. I’m grounded. :cry: I’m hoping these are easy parts to have replaced. They are small and should ship in an envelop for cheap. I can’t imagine the boards themselves are very expensive.

However, after a week I’ve not heard anything at all from OpenPPG regarding replacements. Not even an acknowledgment of receipt of my messages (DM and e-mail). Right now I have a $3200USD conversation piece in pieces in my garage. I expect this might be so for a few weeks. Hopefully not months I’d not like to miss the entire summer’s flying weather. But most importantly I’d like to know what the situation is. Are these parts are warranted? When might I expect replacements?

I doubt it, probably not enough markup to cover returns.

I purchased a brand new one from them to convert my batch 3 and it fried the moment I plugged it in. It never worked right from the box. So I had to purchase it a second time (but at least I got the better converter now).

I love my OpenPPG, but I also recognize they are very busy- and I’m grateful when they can spare the time to get me the parts I need to keep flying. I’ve learned to buy 2 of anything that breaks.

That is very sad news but thank you for it. How much are they and do you still have a link to the part on the store?

I understand they might be working with tight margins but I’m disappointed they are unable to stand behind the product, even to let me know that I’ll have to pay for the replacement and about it’s availability. Busy is not an excuse for ignoring a customer if you want to keep getting new customers or retain existing ones. I’d love to have an sp140 one day, but not if I can’t keep it in the air.

You just need to message them directly or send an email to and they will send you a paypal link to order parts not in the web store.

I emailed that address a week ago. No response yet.

This is tough timing because the next version of the hub board will have over voltage protection to prevent the components from frying. I’m not sure when they plan to release that version of the hub, and I’m not sure if they have any ready to ship yet.

I’d be very happy with a replacement from stock batch 4-5 if available or official word from Zack, Paul, or if not.
The post from Zack on the thread I linked States that the batch 6 boards have overvoltage protection. Batch 6 went live in January.

I hate to say this, but please be patient. I have parts I ordered several months ago that I’m still waiting to be shipped. They are not a big business. Several of us in the community would love to help them take OpenPPG to a much bigger level- but I’m not sure that’s what they want. OpenPPG is my only Paramotor, so when it breaks, I don’t fly. I will be the first on the list to buy the SP140 though! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am fully prepared to wait for parts. I understand they are a tiny operation. However I have no word from them yet even to order a new part. If I knew it was not expected for X# months that’s fine. I waited a few months for my Bonkas. Right now I don’t know when, if, or how much. Just floundering.
Just had a thought though. Since this is an open design is the board design and software also available on the GitHub? If it is then at least I know I’ll be able to put the thing back in working order even if it costs me to have a one off custom board built.

Thanks for your patience guys.
@grejen711 Just spoke with Paul. For manufacturing defects (even if we didn’t manufacture it) we will replace it. In this case it will be with the new hub that has overvoltage protections. Paul is emailing you now to follow up.


Thank you both. I’m very glad to finally hear back. I’m guessing even if your supplier for the DC-DC converter replaces it for you they’ll not replace the hub. I’m very grateful for your offer to replace the hub and know that the new one is protected from this issue.