Maiden sp140 trike flight


Nice debrief!
Would like to see the trike setup and the mods you’ve done to attach it.

There can be a bit of a steep dropoff at the lower end of the battery and we need to get a little smarter about accurately displaying that. Hope to get some more controller updates out soon.

I will make a video later today and post it. Yeah it would really help it it was something letting you know how much time you had left or something I’m not for sure that’s the right answer or not but it was frightening how fast it went from 15% to battery dead less than 2 minutes for sure

the efficiency drops when discharging 21700 because the voltage drops very sharply at the end. therefore it is normal if the calculated values ​​show the capacity.

I’ve been doing it since 2015 so that the capacity that is actually taken is displayed as 100%. that means with a 4 kw / h battery it is around 3.6 kw / h available. the difference is lost as heat or partially returns after the battery has cooled down. it can be set very easily by a few test runs. the correct value should match the battery.

after 1-2 years you have to adjust it again because the 100% is then only around 3.4 or 3.5 kW / h. the higher the load on the battery, the greater the difference.

that’s why i set thermik light concepts differently than eppg-power or heavy e-trike systems.

there is then the possibility with a special algorithm that redefines the internal resistance every 1 second to precisely determine the consumption values ​​and the ACTUAL state of the state off charge.

that makes sense if you, for example. wants to make record flights and wants to use his distance as much as possible.

for standard the above described is completely sufficient.

Yes the best thing to look at is the kwh used displayed on the controller. That shows the capacity used. Also you can take a look at the voltage also, when i see 70-72v I know that I should be prepping to land. Right now the percentage is based only on the voltage for now, the next update will combine the power consumed with the voltage to show a true % remaining.


I have been flying RC drones for years and I have FCs that calculate the flight time remaining based off the capacity and amp draw. I’m in the second batch so I don’t have first hand knowledge but does the throttle body contain a RC flight controller board? If so, I’m sure the flight time estimate could be possible and adding a feature where the battery voltage display blinks at a set voltage level with the controller vibration would be nice.

Happy Flying!


The throttle body is a complete programmable micro controller for which the source is available on GitHub. How are your coding skills?

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Good to know thanks. I don’t have any coding skills, hopefully someone who does can take a stab at the mod.