Maiden Flight Openppg in the Netherlands

Today I did the first flight here in the Netherlands.
It was great see: Maiden flight openppg electric paramotor in the Netherlands - YouTube


Thx for posting! I totally enjoyed your video and greatly appreciate the effort that you put into producing it!

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oh boy, your video got me all excited, especially the 3 hour flight time, which a few seconds later was revealed as fake news :slight_smile:

So far, I only have experience with flying the thermals in the Alps.
I live in northern Germany, so it is here as flat as it is over in the Netherlands,
and I really don’t know yet how to “read” the geography" to find out where I could find thermals…

Where you a ppg pilot (with a gas motore) before you received the OpenPPG? do you also do freeflying, if yes, where?

Greetings from Germany

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I think everybody prematurely ejaculated when they read you had a 3 hour flight until a few seconds later you mentioned it was fake news :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. But well done anyway!

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Very nice - thx
What was the bit at the end with the Helicopter?
Cheers, Patrick

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Excellent! Loved it! Many warm greetings from New York:-)

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How would you compare this with traditional 2-stroke PPG?

Hello Etienne,

Northern Germany is indeed the same as the landscape in Holland. Flat land is very great for flying in thermals. You do not have the problems like the valley winds that can come in suddenly like in the Alps.You need to look into the sky and when you see these small sheep-like clouds in the sky round noon then you must start flying toward these clouds, and you will see that at due time you can turn off your engine,

If have been freeflying since 1995 and have a paramotor since 2000. I fly everywhere; spain, greece, italy, slovenia, krete, marocco, switserland, austria, and even germany. :slight_smile:

I like openppg because I can now use my 32m2 mountain canopy without any problems during thermal flying in the Netherlands. My mountain canopy Swing Arcus RS is made for 130 kgr. My weigth is 100, my gear and closhing is 10kgr and my openppg including batteries is 20kgr. So perfect!! My Fresh Breeze Super Thorix Polini 200 is full with petrol almost 45 kgrs. This will destroy my mountain canopy. So therefore I fly it only with my Paramania XT 24 m2. That combination goes really fast…

Greetings Erwin

Hello Patrick,

Sorry for the confusion! I should have made 2 versions of my video. One for all Dutch paramotor flyers that I know (including the helicopter part). And one version for all people on the openppg community (excluding the helicopter part),

On the 1st of september after I made my first flight with the openppg paramotor I was driving home. And suddenly I saw a lot of people standing there watching a helicopter making trips for paying customers.
In Holland we do not have so much space as you have in the US. So this field where this helicopter was flying from was huge. So I asked the helicopter crew who was the owner of this huge field. I then talked to the owner (a farmer) and I asked him if it was possible for me to fly from this field. He was immediately positive. So now I have a new field for my paramotor flights.

So thats all!

Regars, Erwin

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Hello Tombusey,

They are 2 complete different things, in my eyes.
Normally you fly a traditional 2-stroke PPG in the evening with a small very fast canopy.
The engine is very heavy, so starting is more difficult then starting a light openppg.

I fly openppg with a very large and slow wing in the middle of the day during thermal activity.
Starting the openppg is very easy, because there is no Torque and it is so light that you hardly feel it on your back. The trust power of the openppg is as good as my Fresh Breeze Super Thorix Polini 200. The only difference is that the power is there instantaneously when you full trottle. That was new to me! :slight_smile:

When starting my Super Thorix I always immediately full trottle when starting. But the power comes gradually not instantaneously.

Regars, Erwin

Not as nice around here – Ontario Canada, North of Toronto - I drove all over one day looking for hills we could just ground practice off of -No, No, Sorry No is all I got.
We have since found others in the sport and have invitations to fly at their places.
Cheers, Patrick

Hi Erwin, this looks really great. I live nearby (Breda) and I’d love to meet you on the field (Tilburg…).


Hey Erwin,
Where did you get those 30000MAh batteries?

Hello Rob,
I bought it here:

Wow thats quite expensive.