Maiden flight of my Batch 3
The throttle cable is improved (vacuum tubing is used to cover it), but other than that… purely stock.


Awesome Video, thanks!

My batch 3 built is also complete now, but I have to wait apparently a couple of more days for my maiden flight, cause the weather is so shitty right now.

I am happy to see that I actually mounted my props correctly, just like you did - the print “Gemfan” facing towards the pilot. Took me a moment to figure that out :wink:


Very nice. Thanks for the share. Oh and BTW I live 15 minutes form that airport. Love to see your machine fly in person some day if. Still new and flying a smoke machine but I have aspirations.

Hello neighbor… sorry to say that I’ve not flown more… for reasons not covered in the video.

I ran into problems with my size. I had a really hard time getting into the machine (I’m 6’2”, 250 lbs suited up)… and the machine is really built for a smaller guy. I don’t think it was my height… rather the girth. Sigh. I managed the test flight, but that was it. If I had help putting it on from someone it would have worked out better. Took me about 10 minutes to get in and buckled up. I suppose with practice it would get easier, but it was pretty ugly :slight_smile:
I edited all that out of the video you’ll notice.

Anyway, minus the test flying that weekend I’ve not even attempted to fly… and naturally I don’t blame that beautiful machine.

Anyway, I put it up for sale in the marketplace section of the OpenPPG community in case you’re interested.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I am about the same height and weight. Guess I’ll take the frame off my christmas list.

Paramotors are really only fun once your feet are off the ground. Everything else is a job. Makes me consider a trike but I really want to be one of the cool kids even though Im nearly 50.

I’ve had a few flights out of Cloverdale over the last few weeks but it’s been a weather nightmare these days so I am not getting the airtime and practice I desperately need. Are you flying something else or have you hung up your helmet? If your still around maybe I’ll see you at the field or in the sky.

Oh and if you have any other fields you are aware of I would love to hear about them. Right now I am going to cloverdale and sonoma airports.



Hi Ty,

Yeah, I’m in my 50’s and know exactly what you mean… my son and I still have our Blackhawk Talon 190’s… so we fly plenty (weather permitting… did Kiting at Cloverdale last Sunday due to winds).

When you say Sonoma Airport…do you mean Sonoma Skypark? You certainly don’t mean STS :slight_smile:

We should definitely meet out at Cloverdale. We’re out of Windsor… what about you?



Thanks for the video. I was pleasantly surprised by the power. I am 6’2 and 230. Not fat - but football lineman sturdy. Would you advise against an Open PPG because of my size?