Lucky's e-help build

Hi everyone,

I’m building an e-help system based on the nimbus from simon.

You can find the original project here:

I have ordered all the components and will post updates here as the build goes on.

This is the parts list with prices in €:
Motor CA120 217
ESC Fatboy 280
28x10 Wood Prop 23
6m Alurohr 30x2mm 35
6m Alurohr 8x2mm ?
9x Flansch 35
8x Seitenverbinder 10
10x 470uf 100V 16x31mm 5
8m AWG8 Si Kabel 30
Mini Remote 17
MDF Platte ca 3cm ?

I have already bent the aluminium tube. The first two bends did not go that well because the radius was too small (12cm) i then switched to a bigger radius (19cm) and this worked better.

I can only upload one picture so here is the bending jig:


Though I have not tried it - fill tube with sand,capping so it cant fall out, is suppose to prevent the kinks, then remove sand after:wink:



Thank you e-pusher, i thought about that but it would have been a huge pain to fill the long pipe with sand.

The wider bending angle did the trick tough.

I love your tree clamp solution!!

Thank you E-pusher.

Here are some more pics:

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Today i built the motor and battery mount.


Hope you secured those tube clamps down tight and have them mounted in the middle of your motor plate otherwise you’re going to have a bad time when you add thrust

Yep – a couple of small pins through the outside clamps should suffice for safety should anything work loose :wink:

Finished the cage for the prop. Its a little bit too big for the 28inch prop.


Any updates on this project? I’m starting my own similar build.

Yes, the build is finished. I did not fly with it yet because i have some trouble running with it because of the low ground clearance. I already tried adjusting the shoulder straps as high as possible but it always touches the ground. I really dont know what to do next, maybe its too long but it will be difficult shortening it.