Low voltage module

How much power comes off the low voltage module?

I am going to put a switch at the top of the back plate, to cut power to the hub. I had planned to wire it with a relay but if there isn’t much juice going through it, maybe a plain old switch will do.

What do you mean by low voltage module? Also, I’m curious what you want the switch for?

The power supply for the hub.

The switch would be, essentially, a reboot option but general power-off option as well.

The hub is powered with 5V and runs at a pretty low current. A simple switch will be just fine. No need for a relay.

Are you having issues that require you to reboot your hub in flight?

The failed motor started back up fine once the hub was rebooted.
I have installed capacitors, so we’ll see if I have any more motor failures.

I assume all is well now that you have installed capacitors? Just wanted to follow up. Have you had to perform any reboots?

I have installed the capacitors and done a bench test which went well but the weather has not been good enough here to conduct a test flight yet.