Loop connection break/fix

Didn’t take me long to break the loop connector arm joins. Was fitting the loop on for the first time, tight fit and snapped the end off the arm. Here is how I fixed it, should be very strong now, will eventually make this part for all 8 arm sections as I’m sure the rest will break also if it is this weak. This part definitely needs to be changed for batch 4.

I found one issue with my loop, there is a rivet very close to both of the furthest ends that prevents it from sliding on to the loop connector on the frame.

@Pdwhite, you really should consider a design like this or something similar:

The standoffs simply go inside the connector to hold it all together.

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Yep already made the changes.


Very nice! Gliderpilot made me realize I forgot a step with his design. I did not put standoffs inside the center of the loop connectors. This is mainly the cause of my break, also the rivet that was binding with the connector as well.

@Pdwhite Will this be compatible with batch 2? Can I order some?

If you want to swap your arms out then it will work fine, the arms are designed a bit different to make them stronger.


Is this update available at this time? If you are going to order the pieces I want a pack.

ya im going to order some extras

sign me up for a set, as well, please!

@Pdwhite, would that be 59 dollars per arm?

for a set of arms its 59, 4 sets in a unit.

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is that including the updated hoop connectors?

what do we have to do to order one full set?

Maybe we can get the print files if we order new arm?