Lithium Metal Batteries

What kind of performance gains are we talking here?

On the Cuberg website, they are claiming 369wh/kg gravimetric energy density which is about 35% higher than the highest energy density li-ion batteries currently available and almost 65% higher gravimetric energy density than the battery cells in the SP140 battery pack. They are also claiming 2000w/kg specific power output which should be enough for an E-ppg.

My biggest question is if the 2000w/kg specific power and 369w/kg gravimetric energy density is the same battery cell or a slightly different chemistry. If that is the same battery, they are really on to something!

Cycle life?
Gravimetric energy and power density only half the equation.
Fast/far/cheap - pick two.

More hype – they haven’t solve the dendrite issue - still using liquid so still big fire issue.

According to one of their patents I read, it sounds like the liquid electrolyte is their biggest innovation. According to the patent theirs is non-flammable and sounds like it is supposed to suppress dendrite formation.

Here’s hoping it can be brought to market affordably within my ppg career (or yours). :smiley: