Lithium Ion battery packs

Has anyone attempted to create a lithium ion pack for this paramotor yet? If so what cells did you use and how did you arrange the cells? Ie size of pack. How many amp draw are you getting out of it? And pics please!

I have two really nice Aliant x4 lifepo4 aviation batteries, 10ah13.2v. So would need four. They also have built in bms. Rated for 280amp continuous output and 480a peak output. I can easily get two more for very cheap price, any thoughts on them? I’m tempted to set it up and see how they work on the bench with this system. So far from what I’ve read and been told is that lifepo4 aren’t great for this type of application. But from what the specs are on these batteries I really don’t understand why they wouldn’t work well?

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Depends on what they weigh :slight_smile: